ELLERALI on the Successful Fashion Designer Podcast!

I'm so excited to announce that ELLERALI was interviewed for The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast!  Have a listen to my journey in ELLERALI, what I'm working on now, and upcoming shows and events!  

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Thank you 2017.

2017 was an amazing year for ELLERALI.  I had the courage to jump. 

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To an ELLERALI vision coming to life.

 Saturday 10/21 Creator and Founder of ELLERALI, Elle launched her collection of upcycled fits and opened up the conversation towards eco fashion and being a more eco friendly you.  

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On behalf of Arts District Daze and in collaboration with The Rogue Collective, ELLERALI will be hosting a Launch Event on Saturday, October 21st from 1pm to 8pm. Elle, Creator and Founder of ELLERALI, will be in store sharing her vision with ELLERALI, and why "Recreate the Created" is important in conservation and how the art of fashion can play a significant role in it.

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Oh darling, but what if you fly.

Morning Reflections 07012017. Honestly I was scared to grow, I was scared to be part of shows, and I was scared to seek help.  I was scared from fear.  What I learned was, all you got to do is jump.  

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Blind Spots - A Plastic Pollution Dilemma

Watch how Christine Ren uses her passions in art, dance, science and filmmaking to challenge the plastic pollution dilemma and encourage people to take action to a plastic free life.  

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Ocean Trash Poetry

Today I wrote my first poem.  I've started my blog again and am disciplining myself to write daily.  Today I started writing poems and I fell in love with them.  If this is the beginning, I can't wait to see how my language transforms.

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Hello, I'm baaaaaack

"Writing is like going to the gym, no one says they regret it after" -@gpapilla

I'm not the best writer.. and blogging isn't my favorite. How many times have I written a blog post about starting to write blogs again.. too many times. But writing is something I want to start doing again. I really do. So today I started.

I'm not aiming for perfection now, I'm just aiming to do it. 

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