Art, Conservation & Fashion.  

There's no better way to launch ELLERALI.

 The Rogue Collective x ELLERALI 10/21 DTLA Arts District.  1 - 8pm

The Rogue Collective x ELLERALI 10/21 DTLA Arts District.  1 - 8pm

"Our purpose in ELLERALI is conservation first.  We're here to make a difference towards the better.  And Fashion is our medium to get that message across."
- Elle, Creator and Founder of ELLERALI

It's a big day for ELLERALI on Saturday 10/21.  I've been working on exclusive one of a kind Fly Dresses for the event. Lately I've been busy behind a computer working on the business so it just makes me really happy to get back into the sewing room and get my creative juices flowing.  ELLERALI has some shows booked before the end of the year, so I'm also really excited to get that going and hopefully meeting some of you there.  Make sure to keep up on Instagram and sign up for the newsletter to receive updates.  But this event happening at The Rogue Collective, is big news for ELLERALI.  On behalf of Arts District Daze and in collaboration with The Rogue Collective, we are setting up the store as an art gallery and also as a learning experience.  Upcycle Designer, Jillian, with @MeWe_Clothing,  along with myself will be teaching basic techniques in clothing repair, as well as continuing dialogue about the effects of the clothing industry and how we can make a difference for the better.  We are also accepting clothing donations for upcycle and local charities.  The clothes we receive on Saturday will be part of an art installation we will be having in store.  We do request that clothes are clean before donating.  Come and be part of this exciting event!

Thank you everyone for the support with ELLERALI.

And we are so honored to be part of The Rogue Collective family!

Check out The Rogue Collective website to learn about the local designers and their purpose here: https://theroguecollective.com


If you aren't following our Instagram stories, it's about time!  Sneak peak into what I'm working on for Saturday