Blind Spots - A Plastic Pollution Dilemma

Imagery and vision are such a great way to create impact, and challenge issues.  That's why I wanted to start off with these photos.  

How do they make you feel?  Are you a victim to the same problems this woman faces?  

I know I am.

Because plastic is used everywhere,  plastic pollution is a dilemma that so many of us feel defeated against.  

To artist, dancer, scientist and now documentary filmmaker Christine Ren, that is no excuse to close your eyes to a very critical issue that is affecting our environment.   In Christine Ren’s documentary film, “Blind Spots,” she acclaims,

“It’s time to take off our blind folds and look at the plastic ubiquitous in every facet of our daily lives that we are literally drowning in it.”

The market shifts rapidly based on the demands of consumers, which means we have the power to shift our world away from unsustainable plastic materials, if we so choose.

Through her artistic imagery, Christine Ren challenges plastic pollution.  She invites everyone to join her in a 30 day challenge of going completely plastic free and to use #BlindSpots online to share your progress through social media.  Here you can find learning tools to help you make daily sustainable decisions.  The most important part of this is understanding that

We do have a choice in using plastic or not.               

Who's in with me to join this challenge!  I would love to hear what steps you plan on taking or  have taken in your path to becoming plastic free.

I will share with you my progress - coming soon!

Christine Ren describes herself as:

I mean.. With a description like that, of course I’m going to want to spotlight this beautiful soul.


"We all know that prevention is always the best cure, and that means each of us says no to every shop that tries to hand us a plastic bag and carrying around a refillable water bottle, not buying plastic bottles.  This is a problem we'll never fix if we don't address it at the source. And part of that also is us owning that the source is us."

-Christine Ren "Blind Spots" Documentary Film



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