Hello, I'm baaaaaack

"Writing is like going to the gym, no one says they regret it after."


I'm not the best writer.. and blogging isn't my favorite. How many times have I written a blog post about starting to write blogs again.. too many times. But writing is something I want to start doing again. I really do. So today I started. And after that, I started thinking of a great reintro blog.. that brainstorming ended up being too over analytical that I lost my drive, got a headache and felt defeated... paralysis I felt. So I called my friend and asked for advice. Talking things out really is the best therapy. And I decided to just write what I wrote earlier today. Raw, real, and now.



I'm not aiming for perfection now, I'm just aiming to do it.

hello i'm baaackk!!


BTW, I've recently moved! 

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