Oh darling, but what if you fly.

w/o fear, you can do anything.

So what are you waiting for.



Morning reflections are my favorite thing.  I spent yesterday planning my next six months with ELLERALI; Looking at shows to participate in, lots of research and plans in business growth.  July was filled with so many realizations in entrepreneurship.  I attended workshops, and spoke with so many business folks that my mind was racing with ideas and motivations to get to work.  What I learned to accept the most was, I can’t do this all by myself.  I can’t design, sew, blog, build a website, manage social media, and try to grow a business all by myself.  I’m spreading myself too thin, and I’m exhausted without any real movement forward.  But I love ELLERALI, and I have so much faith in what I’m doing with fashion, the arts, and our environment.  It’s what fuels me.  So yesterday, I sat down, printed out a six month calendar and researched craft fairs to be part of.  On top of that, I hit a lot of subjects I wanted to blog about and ran into brands and designers I really look up too.  I also started looking for a team of passionate individuals who are interested in sustainability and fashion to help me grow ELLERALI while I focus on building the brand.  Honestly I was scared to grow, I was scared to be part of shows, and I was scared to seek help.  I was scared from fear.  So as I sat down this morning, reflecting on my emotions and what I learned from all the business workshops and talking to entrepreneurs, and that is, all you you gotta do is jump.