Thank you 2017.

I hope your Holidays were filled with tons of love!  Life is amazing.  Continue to believe in yourself, and always strive to be better.  

- Elle

To 2018!

2017 was a big year for ELLERALI.  In the past few months, ELLERALI has moved in ways I’ve always visioned.  And all it took was the courage to jump.  To put ELLERALI out there and try.  I started building ELLERALI 2 years ago.  It was just an idea, and I was just making things for myself.  But I knew I wanted to create a business with it, I saw it, I envisioned it.  It took me a long search of what ELLERALI really was.  A lot of the times I questioned this journey, and I still do when times are overwhelming.  I’m building ELLERALI by myself and learning how to do it.  It continues to be a process but every entrepreneur needs to go through these steps to understand their vision.  That’s how I see it.  As much as I feel that I should’ve started these shows earlier, or all these.. If i should’ve done this.. The point is, whatever the situation was then, ELLERALI wasn’t ready then.  Through these past shows, I knew who I was, and what I believed in so clearly.  I was hungry to get ELLERALI out.  I was ready.  I wrote the “Oh darling, but what if you fly” blog in August.  As I reflect on these past few months after that post, I’m so proud of myself and very excited to plan 2018 for ELLERALI.  Thank you to all the members of ELLERALI and for your support!  I can’t wait to continue to share this amazing journey with you all.

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