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I hope that through ELLERALI, we can share a vision of conscious fashion through creativity by using garments and fabrics that we already have.  We have so much fabric already made; from t shirts to curtains to bed sheets!  Just think of all the unused fabric lying around your house.  You can create something useful and environmentally sound.  By repurposing these items, we are able to continue their story and respect the labor and love that went into them. Not to mention the hands that were used to make a garment that you and I live on.  

The average person in the U.S. throws out 70 pounds of textile waste each year into our landfills, and that number is exponentially growing.  The fashion industry is the number two leading polluter in the world, second to oil.  Not only is the trend of fast fashion destroying our environment, but also pressuring corporations to compete with low prices;  therefore disrupting fair labor laws and wages in already struggling countries.  This needs to change!


By supporting ELLERALI, you are making a positive and powerful impact on:

-  environmental responsibility

-  small business growth

-  women entrepreneurs

-  products made in the USA

-  handmade communities


Hello, my name is Elle!  And WELCOME to ELLERALI!

ELLERALI was started by the desire to design comfortable, versatile, and unique clothing with the accessible the resources of our own home.  As a DIY enthusiast,   (clothes comfortable, unique, versatile clothing without adding from the creativeness of your own home.closet.  It’s more than a product but creative platform of an eco consciousness lifestyle in fashion.

For years I dedicated? my life to Marine Biology, Marine Mammal Care, and Education.  I was in love with a whole new world under the ocean and the magical creatures that lived in it.  But very fast, did I learn about the detrimental effects that Humans placed onto our environment through pollution.. I was living the dream living on The Big Island of Hawaii, in my own little bubble of green living but far away from my family in CA.  When my mom got really sick two years ago, I decided to move back home to CA to help take care of her.  My mom was a stay home mom, she took care of four kids while my dad worked.  She was an artist.  She would sew a lot of our clothes, and I would watch her growing up, and I would take my clothes remake them myself, not with a machine tho.  I never touched a machine until my mom bought me one in Hawaii almost four years ago.  Since I’ve been gone, I’ve felt disconnected with my family, so I thought it would be a great idea to start sewing with mom to rebuild our bond as mother and daughter.  A year later after she’s passed, I know we’re still doing this together.