PRE ORDER for "I Am Strong" Dress

PRE ORDER for "I Am Strong" Dress


We are excited to announce that we taking PRE ORDERS on this dress.  Thank you for everyone's interest and we are working on recreating this dress soon.  

Feel free to email me at for questions. 

On behalf of Human Trafficking Awareness month and Women’s March on January 21st, ELLERALI has recreated a limited edition dress called “I Am Stronger.” Upcycled from a collection of t-shirts, some of the writing are facts about human trafficking followed by quotes from exploitation victims.  This is a very powerful statement dress that provides light and importance on a very important problem that is overlooked around the world. 

Quotes on shirts say:

- Almost 1 out of 10 children are in child labor globally.

-2/3 of forced labor profits are generated by sexual exploitation worldwide.

-Many victims only escape exploitation when they die from abuse, disease, torture, or neglect.

-"I am stronger than before; I can work and provide for my kids and family."

Each dress may have slight variations.

Length: 40 inches

Arm Span: 46 inches

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