I Am Stronger Dress Long

I Am Stronger Dress Long


Every 30 seconds, another person is a victim of Human Trafficking. Spread Awareness through your clothes.

The Story: This collection of shirts had a discrepancy in production and were not useable. In a effort to reduce textile waste, they were donated by Outland Denim, an ethically sourced and environmentally friendly denim company whose mission is to help exploitation victims. Our campaign to do better is more than just reducing textile waste, but also spreading awareness in important social issues and supporting those organizations that are fighting for it.


  • Reversible front to back

  • One Size

  • Measurements ~ 43 in L

  • Models wear a size small and size xl

  • 3/4 sleeve length

  • Recreated out of T-Shirts

  • Handmade in Los Angeles by Elle


  • Learn more about our Do Better project: Here

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