The Everyday Dress

When we think of Everyday, we look at versatility;  What makes us feel good in every mood, every size our body gives us,  and any event our life takes us. The Everyday Dress allows you to feel comfortable and sexy without feeling constrained.  The two deep pockets allow you to keep your essentials at hand. And our favorite part of The Everyday Dress is that you can wear it in different ways!  Reversible front to back, reversible inside out, off the shoulder, hidden straps allow you to tie the sleeves, add a belt for a tighter fit, dress it casual, or wear heels for a night out.  It’s an essential for traveling and it is made out of the your most known article of clothing, t-shirts.

The Story: This collection of shirts came from a business who wanted to start a t-shirt line.  Unfortunately the line did not happen and left the business with a large supply of shirts that they could not use anymore.  Some damages made the shirts unsellable to another company to reuse and that is where ELLERALI came in.

Color: Black and grey, with grey thread.

Material: Recreated out of T-Shirts.  

Original Care Labels:  60% Cotton, 40% Polyester  

** Please be advised that this is what the original care label of this collection of shirts consist of and not ELLERALI.  Some shirts with unknown material content could have been used to create this design. ELLERALI believes transparency is the most important, and when we can provide any info for our customers in the content of the material, we will do our best.