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The Multi-Functional Shawl

Shawl - Scarf - Blanket - Nursing Cover- And MORE!


Our Multi-Functional Shawl is the perfect accessory for every occasion and season. It's multifunctional and reversible features allow you transform the MFS to compliment every outfit.

The MFS is perfect for when you are on the go. The MFS is so useful and comfortable, it is the perfect accessory for the movies, while in class, or as a blanket for a day at the park. You can also use it as a throw on your couch or car, and then use it as a shawl or scarf on your way out. Parents also love to use it as a baby stroller cover and nursing cover.

Material: Deadstock fabrics of unknown content.

MFS ELLERALI Nursing Cover.jpg
MFS ELLERALI51 Blanket.jpg
MFS ELLERALI31 Scarf.jpg
MFS ELLERALI48 throw blanket.jpg

Care Instructions:

Detach elastic and button before washing.

Gentle wash with cold water with like colors, lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.